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Wallpaper is our Passion,
book a session and see your wall flexin. 


Welcome to P P & P

At Pete's Paint and Paper we do everything for your Paper. 

No matter if it is a renovation of your whole house, or if you just want to spice up your Bathroom a little bit. We have Ideas, suggestions and experience for all scenarios. 

We come prepared for all kinds of Paper, no matter if it's Non-woven, Grasscloth, Silk, Paste-the-Paper or Peel and Stick, we will have your Paper hanging and in no time your place looks banging.   

Our young, experienced and dynamic Team comes with all the positive attribute you expect from a German organised Company.

We aim to spread the Beauty of Wallpaper. 

and erase all doubts from the wallhater. 

Wonderful Wallpapering Job, excellent finish, very efficient and tidy, would highly recommend. This guy is a Wallpaper Specialist.

Susan from Hipages

Our Services


You have an idea of freshening up your living or working space with Wallpaper, but are worried about all the things you have to do?

All you really need to do is decide which Paper you want and we take care of everything else.  No Job is too small, no Job is too big for us. 


Do you have old Wallpaper on the Wall and don't like it anymore? Has your child outgrown the Animal on Rainbow Design and wants something new?

NO WORRIES! We remove your Wallpaper and either make it look like a new Wall or replace it with a new Wallpaper.


We might be specialised in Installing Wallpaper, but that does not mean we can't paint. If you want your Walls or Ceilings touched up or want the wall freshly Painted after a Wallpaper removal, we are your guys. 

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